7Element Athletics

Serving the Veterans and 1st Responders that serve you

An athletic fund
for Army soldiersNavy SailorsAirforce AirmenMarinesCoast GuardsmenFirefightersPolice OfficersEMTs

7Element uses the power of sports to provide a healthy mental outlet and a sense of purpose for our members.

What we do

7Element Athletics provides grants to help cover the cost of playing organized sports for Veterans and 1st Responders as well as special 7E only events for our members in the form of internal games and tournaments.

7Element provides community awareness on Veteran and 1st responder issues.

7Element also provides professional speakers on the topics of motivation, military service, military transition to the civilian workforce, working with Veterans, how to get the most out of your Veteran employees and the benefits of hiring Veterans. 

Our Story

7Element was founded by two military veterans, who found a common bond through the sport of hockey. Being a member of a sports team, can provide a sense of belonging that is like what veterans and first responders find while conducting their duties…